Clay Court Lines

Clay Court Lines | Clay Court

The image above shoes the comparison between the RAW Courts line and an imported line.

Newly designed, developed and manufactured by RAW Courts is a line marking system for clay courts that can be removed for surface maintenance and reinstalled. The line marking system is a very efficient and cost-effective way to permanently mark lines  on clay courts, without the need for any nails.

The lines are suitable for European styled clay courts, crushed tile or brick, crushed granite, rhyolite, loam and ant bed courts.

Most importantly the extruded white PVC profile is formulated with impact absorption and ultra violet stability offering a durable and functional 40 year design life, suited to Australian conditions.

Our  clay court lines have a stronger designed profile, contain more materials and are a brighter white compared to imported lines.
As a bonus the lines are produced from recycled base materials with a certified end of use 100% recyclability .

Below is a collection of images displaying RAW Courts lines on various clay court surfaces.

DIY Plastic Tape Nail Down Lines

We also sell plastic tape nail down lines for DIY projects and can provide details of nails to purchase locally to further reduce costs for installing this system.